I design and facilitate creative workshops and training that are suitable for:

  • Business - management and employees
  • Private Groups - Societies, clubs, social groups

The contents of the workshops are flexible and tailored to meet your indiviual requirements and you can choose from a range of options designed to move you towards your goals. The workshops have been developed to be interesting, enjoyable and interactive.

Business Workshops

Effective communitcation and Listening skills

These two important subjects are most useful when combined in a training session since listening is an inseperable part of communication.

Productive meetings

Have you held meetings that are frustrating and result in a lack of resolutions or solutions? I can help you create an environment that is productive and creative.

Stress Management

Stress is a part of life, when it is managed correctly we function effectively. When we suffer from excessive stress all areas of our life are affected. Effective stress management increases motivation, productivity and creativity and reduces absenteeism.

Goals and our Value Systems

In this workshop we look at personal or business goals. A goal is a positive intent, something you are committed to and work

Group Workshops

Are you a member of a society, club or group that would enjoy the experience of a workshop designed to be fun, informative and sometimes life changing?

These are some of the options I can offer:

Creative Visualisation and Guided Imagery

Wonderfully relaxing and yet creative, visualisation and imagery can help you to unwind, de-stress and discover your true nature and purpose. It helps you to access your potential and bring dreams into reality.


Meditation is a journey that takes your awareness to the level of your soul - your own essential nature. It's not about forcing your mind to be quiet, but rediscovering the quietness that's already there. It helps your body and mind by restoring inner peace and enhancing your daily life.

Self development and Self discovery

I have a range of strategies to help you live the best life that you possibly can. Subjects include identifying and reaching your dreams and desires, self esteem and confidence, living the best life you can, the art of happiness through the route of least resistance.


Day, weekend and midweek breaks.

Treat yourself to a relaxing retreat in Northumberland. The venues I use offer a luxury experience at an affordable price. Each retreat is designed to strengthen your mind body and spirit whilst relaxing and rejuvenating you at the deepest level.

Retreats on offer include:

Tai Chi & Chi Kung for health
Stress Management and the benefits of learning to breathe consciously, visualise effectively and meditate easily
Laughter Yoga – a great stress buster
Discovering your values and working with them for greater fulfillment spiritually, emotionally as well as in everyday life
Self Empowering healing retreats for those who want help to recover from physical or emotional illness or trauma
Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Psychology
And Much More......

Please contact me for information on the next retreat.

Personal Retreats

Do you want a retreat personally tailored to your needs? I will work with you on a one to one basis so that you can address your unique problems. You will have several therapy sessions with me (depending on the length of your stay) plus free time to relax and enjoy this beautiful area. The main venue that I use has therapy suites, swimming and gym facilities. Take a look at Dene House Farm,, a stay there is always a wonderful experience.